Why you will use this amazing App?

In this days, phone gets lost is a common phenomena and unfortunately there is no way we can know who is using that device and from where.There is no system being developed by someone that helps us in this situation. We live in different area that far away from Police Station. In very tough situation like attacked by someone dangerous, There is no time for sending help request to PS using phone call or just a sms. Else if, there is time but those attackers never give us any chance to call or text Police Station or someone close and that’s the reason we can not get help from our Police when we need it most. Also, finding out nearest Police Station phone number isn’t easy that moment. Moreover, There is no automation system which inform Police or can make a normal diary. In Bangladesh, Drug trafficking, Money Laundering, Extortion, Hiring for murder, Fraud Activities, Human Laundering, Robbery, Corruption, Black Market Business, Political Clash, Terrorism and Hijacking and many more crime happening everyday. Due to this bad activities it makes very bad impact on common people life.

According to Intentional Homicides The rate of Homicide in 2014 was 2.8 per 100K people. Within last 15 years, The highest rate of homicide increased to 2.9 in 2006. According to Police report, In only 2015, The total numbers of crime committed was 1,79,880 such as Thefting, Robbery, Murder, Clash, Hijacking, Women and Children torturing are remarkable. After spotting any crime scene or experienced with any crime there is no easy way that we can inform Police and due to this reason there is many common people becomes victim of it. An automation system can be very helpful in this case if that notify very quickly to law enforcement.

Features of Self Protect App:

1. Emergency services by pressing the smartphone’s power button. 2.Help in recovering lost phone. 3. One-click emergency services 3. Easily find the nearest service 4. Complaint and feedback to different organizations

Why it’s sustainable

With the “Self-Protect” app, the location of our lost mobile phone is available, you can also get the serial number of the new sim which is being used on the lost mobile phone. If these information is provided to the law enforcement agency, the user will be able to get his phone back. Whenever if there is a problem , there is no way for sending messages or phone calls, so at that time, if your mobile phone is in the pocket or in the bag or in the hand, only by pressing the power button 3-4 times the law-enforcement organization and victim’s friends and family which is setup in the app will automatically get the victim’s location, the phone’s IMEI, audio sound, 30 second video, picture, Phone number. In the meantime, law enforcement agencies will be able to know the location of the victim and help him. The friends and family will be able to know where the victim is. Through this app, user can submit necessary complaints and reports to Women and Child Repression Prevention Organization, law enforcement agencies, legal aid centers, human rights commission . Through this app, you will be able to get help from emergency services such as hospitals, fire services, ambulances, blood banks etc. Also the user’s closest hospital, fire service, ambulance, ATM booth, bank, residential hotel, restaurant, shopping mall etc. will be shown in the app screen and the user can take the necessary service. This app will be running in the background and remain hidden in the mobile phone.